2019 Day Camp:  July 8-August 16 

in collaboration with Mass. Dept. of Conservation & Recreation in Saugus

Located at 131 Walnut Street


$145* per week/session

Day Camp runs 8am-4pm.

Half Day options available for $75*, 8am-12pm.

  • 8-12 Jul 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145) Camp is Full
  • 8-12 Jul 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)
  • 15-19 Jul 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145) Camp is Full
  • 15-19 Jul 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)
  • 22-26 Jul 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145) Camp is Full
  • 22-26 Jul 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)
  • 29 Jul-2 Aug 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145)
  • 29 Jul-2 Aug 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)
  • 5-9 Aug 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145)
  • 5-9 Aug 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)

If interested in combining Sports Camp with Half Day, total is $170*.

Our day camps offer a variety of activities including swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing, nature walks, sports, and arts & crafts. Dress for the weather, as we will play, swim, etc. outside even in the rain, except when stormy (we do have cabin space for stormy weather).

This program runs Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm for Boys & Girls, ages 8-13; half day program runs 8am-12pm; those attending sports camp in the morning and attending the afternoon camp will be transported from sports camp to Camp Nihan, but please confirm pick up at Camp Nihan or Malden Catholic (Transportation back to MC is only available if registered for Sports Clinic by April 1st; after this date, pick up is at Camp Nihan, unless there is room in the van.) FYI: Golf Camp runs 12pm-4pm, so those doing full day, parents drop off at Camp Nihan at 8am and All Mass Camps will walk campers to Cedar Glen golf course by noon; pick up is directly at Cedar Glen. We do not transport to Mt. Hood Golf Course program.

Our team of staff include certified lifeguards whose goal is to offer campers an enriching summer full of new friendships and new adventures.


  • A water bottle with the camper�s name on it is required.  There will be water available at camp at all times. 

  • All participants of DAY CAMP AND SPORTS CAMPS should bring the following:

                   _____ Lunch! and snacks for our busy day outside

                   _____ Backpack to carry belongings

                   _____ Sunblock (SPF 30 or higher):  For full day campers, we will ask you to put sunblock on in the a.m. and again in p.m.

                   _____ Hat for sun protection

                   _____ Sneakers or appropriate footwear

                   _____ Change of clothes and swim wear- we swim every day, rain or shine...except in stormy weather.

NOTE:  Sandals and flipflops are not allowed for ANY of our sports programs, as our campers are active throughout the day.  They are allowed on the beach but NOT in other camp activities, such as hiking, outdoor games, sports. Sneakers are the best way to prevent foot and toe injuries. Please leave valuables, electronic devices (cell phones, videogames, Ipods, etc.) and other unnecessary or inappropriate items at home.  AMC is not responsible for any lost, damaged items.

MORNING DROP OFF:  We meet in the parking lot of Camp Nihan, which is the first large space you will hit as you enter the long dirt driveway. We will run check in from 7:45am-8:15am, so that there is space for all cars to safely drop off and pick up.  For the safety of all, please drive 5mph and wait in the parking lot for pick up and drop off. If you will be later than 8:15am, you can bring your child to the picnic tables inside the camp (continue to follow the dirt road), but please be extra careful as we may be at play along the road. If you will be later than 9am any day, please call the Camp Director, Lisa, at 617-461-1053 so we can arrange a meeting spot (texting is best). We hike, swim, and play games on other parts of the camp, so we'll meet up based on your time of arrival. And same goes if you need to leave early; please let us know so we can plan a meeting time and place.

AFTERNOON PICK UP:  Meet again in parking lot.  For the safety of all, please drive 5mph. For those attending half day, we will arrive at parking lot around 11:50am.  For full day campers, we will bring campers to parking lot area at 3:45pm and check out continues until 4:15pm.  Again, this window of time for dismissal is so that there is space for all cars to safely drop off and pick up. Please do not drive past this lot any time after 3:30pm; you are welcome to park in lot and walk down to the picnic table area any time, just be sure to check in with staff.  If you need to pick up early, contact Camp Director, Lisa, at 617-461-1053 as soon as possible (texting is best).  We will do our best to meet you at the picnic table area but please patient as we are also trying to ensure a safe, fun, enriching experience for all.

If you or your child have any concerns or questions in regards to schedule, specific activities, dietary needs, or program expectations, please see the camp staff as soon as possible.  More info on Health Policies and Sample Schedule Below. 


Your child will enjoy the activities most when he or she is taking care of his or her health, which includes drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting a good night�s rest.  A current physical and a copy of up to date immunizations are needed to ensure that the child�s physician has approved participation.  Be sure to highlight any FOOD ALLERGIES or other potential health problems at camp.  If you have any concerns about your child�s health prior to or during camp, please contact the Camp Director.  Our staff will always contact a parent about any health situations; if a parent is unavailable, then we will contact the adults listed as emergency contacts on the child�s application.  Please keep those contacts current and be sure that you and/or those emergency contacts are available during your child�s stay. 

For inhalers and epipens:  These items must have your child�s name and instructions.  Campers must be able to self-administer.   No Medication will be distributed during camp hours by Camp Staff.  Please speak to the Camp Director prior to camp start or on the first morning to discuss any medication concerns during camp hours. 



Below is a typical schedule of the Day Camp.  There is an option for your child to participate in our Sports Program at Malden Catholic High School for a full day program, with All Mass Camps providing transportation and staff supervision at MC sports clinics; Head Coaches of MC sports run the clinics, AMC support.  More info below sample schedule.


Day Camp at Camp Nihan in Saugus, DCR property

7:45am-8:15 am        Check in

8:00-8:45am              Morning Group Activities:  games, crafts available at picnic tables or top field, supervised by AMC staff

8:45am-11:45am        Older campers have choice of areas; younger campers assigned to one area.  Areas include waterfront, top field, picnic table area, hike, ranger lot,      

                                beaver field, adventure club, etc.  Once campers arrive at area, they can participated in a variety of activities appropriate for that area.

8:45-10:45am           Ages 11-13 have choice of ranger lot or picnic tables; 10 year olds have choice of top field or a nature hike; ages 9 & under are at waterfront.

9:45-10:45am           Rotation of area and age groups, snack break

10:45-11:45am         Rotation of area and age groups

11:45am                   1/2 Day Campers prepare for dismissal; full day campers have lunch break

11:50-12:15pm         1/2 Day Campers pick up in parking lot

11:50-12:15pm         Sports Clinics participates arrive

Until 12:30pm          Lunch & Afternoon Group Activities:  games, crafts available at picnic tables or top field, supervised by AMC staff

12:30-1:30pm          Rotation of area and age groups

1:30-2:30pm            Rotation of area and age groups

2:30-3:30pm            Rotation of area and age groups

                                to ensure transportation spot back to MC; all others are picked up at Camp Nihan.)

3:45pm-4:15pm       Dismissal in parking lot.  Please be sure to check with AMC staff before dismissing campers.  Parents must approve of adults for pick up.


Other Notes: 

  • Thursday is our special event day!  Watch the bulletin board for themed activities, including what colors to wear or how to dress for the event.  This is the only day that we may provide a special treat, so please be sure to remind your camper (and staff!) about allergies, etc.  We do our best to avoid all nut/peanut products, but will offer substitutes for wheat, fruit, etc. allergens. 

  • For campers who have attended in the past, we are working to expand the space we use for activities, as the number of campers continues to grow.  Parents, it is challenging to bring a camper to the lot to meet you at a time different than dismissal time, so we ask for your patience as we'll do our best to bring your camper to the area closest to the picnic table area for pick up. You can park in the lot and walk the straight path to the picnic table area to meet us there.  Call/text ahead.

  • RAINY DAYS:  We do our best to stay outside on rainy and cooler days, so please dress for the weather.  If your child does not want to participate on days like this, we do understand, but please encourage them to join us for fun outside activities, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, playing games, other outside adventures.  If the weather turns stormy, DCR provides us with three cabins, which we'll rotate throughout the day if we are unable to stay outside.  In more severe weather, we may end up staying the same cabin for a longer time; we'll only go outside when it is safe (no thunder or lightening for 30 minutes). 

  • More on the Cabins:  FYI The cabins do not have toilets, so we use port-a-potties, located at several different program areas.  We do use the cabins to change in or out of bathing suits (one girls cabin, one boys cabin), but it is helpful if your child is wearing their bathing suit when they arrive, so they can head right to the waterfront for the first swim.

Refund Policy:  Full refunds are available through May 1st; refunds, less the $50 deposit, are returned if cancelled two weeks prior to start date of session. Due to the fact that we had a number of campers this past year cancel last minute, making it too late to add those on the waiting list, we ask that you please keep these important dates in mind.