Program Information & News

The mission of All Mass Camps is to provide youth with enriching sports and outdoor recreational experiences, offering summer camps, sports clinics, and school-year sessions for ages 8-15.  Our professional staff focus on giving children and teens a chance to learn new skills, to develop confidence in sports and the outdoors, to make new friends, and to appreciate all that out-of-school time has to offer. 

Sport Clinics:  Sportsmanship, responsibility, accountability, and leadership: These values are as important as the skills training, sports drills, and scrimmages that we practice every day at our Sports Clinics. Athletes can practice skills, learn strategies, and improve overall performance. The sports program balances teamwork with individual improvement, with the goal of developing the athlete’s skills and knowledge of the specific sport. Following MC's lead, we expect our coaches to be teachers of life's lessons and role models ready to demonstrate how to win with grace and to accept defeat with class. This non-denominational camp strives to offer campers the chance to learn new skills or master established ones in a different sport each week, including baseball, lacrosse, football, soccer, golf, tennis, ice hockey, and basketball.  Each sport is led by Malden Catholic Head Coach of that sport, with his coaches and, at times, varsity players assisting.  To learn more about Malden Catholic's outstanding academic and athletic achievements, click here.  To review more details on dates, what to pack for camp, etc., visit our Sports Info page.

Day Camp:  Day Camp takes place the DCR property located at 131 Walnut Street in Saugus, called Camp Nihan.  The property has over 60 acres of hiking trails, picnic table areas, open lots, and other activity areas for our campers to enjoy.  Peckham Pond is also on the property, where we swim, fish, kayak, and more every day.  This water is tested weekly by the DCR and All Mass Camps provides certified lifeguards every time we use the waterfront.  Camp Nihan is a sister property of Breakheart Reservation, so we may even take a day long hike over that beautiful state park, which has hundreds of acres of outdoor space for us to explore.  Breakheart Reservation opens daily to the public, with waterfront that is monitored by DCR lifeguards, playgrounds, well-marked hiking trails and more. All Mass Camps has use of Camp Nihan weekdays with an approved DCR permit.  But you can enjoy some of Camp Nihan's outdoor areas on the weekends by renting a camp site or cabin.  (No swimming allowed on weekends, no lifeguard provided so waterfront is closed for swimming but you can fish.)  Visit Camp Nihan's Reserve America site to check it out and book your weekend.  To review more details on camp dates, what to pack for the day, typical schedule, etc., visit our Day Camp Info page.

CIT at Day Camp:  The Day Camp program runs for ages 8-13; campers who have attended the camp in the past can register at age 14 & 15 as a Counselor In Training.  The fee for this program is 50% the cost of camp tuition, as we hope that you can help out at camp half of your day, with the other half having fun with peers and younger campers.  For all the time you are at camp, however, you are a leader and role model, so we expect that your behavior, attitude, and participation will be positive at all times.  In fact, All Mass Camps staff start to watch for leadership qualities in current campers, ages 12 & 13.  To register for this program, parents can sign up their teen the same way as a camper, but with three distinctions: 

1.  CITs can only register for ONE OR TWO WEEKS.  In order to attend more than one week, CITs have to earn that spot by showing positive leadership skills while in their session. 

2.  CITs tuition is 50% of the camp tuition. 

3.  In the section of the application that says Is there additional information that would be helpful for All Mass Camps to have to ensure your child�s safety, enjoyment, and learning at camp? Please answer "Yes" and enter "CIT"

4.  This last expectation is for the teen:  Please send an essay, choosing one of the following topics:  My Favorite Day (or Moment/Memory) at Day Camp; Ideas for a Special Event; How to Make a New Camper Feel Welcome; Why (Name) was my Favorite Staff at Camp (choose Mike, Anthony, Olivia, Rianna only!); How I Can Make an Impact at Camp. Email this to Lisa Gillis at within two weeks of applying for CIT role.

CITs typical day:  All Mass Camps needs lots of help at certain times of day and for certain activities.  Here are some examples: taking boats out of shed in morning so that younger campers can access; cleaning up areas at the end of the period; helping to carry supplies, such as sporting equipment, playground balls, crafts, special games, for different areas around camp; helping at fishing dock or with a special art project with younger campers; lead/assist with hiking or other outdoor adventure activities; put all waterfront gear and boats away for lock up each day; organize and lead games and activities on special event days.  With enough CITs, you would help out in these areas noted above for half of the day; the other half of the day, you can choose what activities you'd like to participate in.  If this sounds like something that your teen would be interested in, please register today!  Space is limited, as we had over 55 teens in 2015 who were considering a CIT role, and since the camp is really for ages 8-13, we have to limit how many CITs we have each week.

P.S. If you are interested in attending Sports Clinic and being a CIT for half a day, that is no problem.  Sports is still full price, but Day Camp will be no additional cost.