2019 All Mass Camps

Camper Application
Day Camp at Camp Nihan/Saugus and/or

Sports Clinics at Malden Catholic

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PLEASE NOTE:  Only past participants can register at this time.  Registration for new participants will begin January 1, 2019 if there is space available.  Thank you!

Camper Info
Camper Name:
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Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yyyy)
Gender: (M or F)
School Grade (as of September 2019): (use only numbers)
Family Info
Parent Name:
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Emergency Contacts
If parent cannot be reached at numbers above, please list 2 other emergency contacts.
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Care and Medical Info
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If you answered YES to allergies, please list them:
Medical Info: Please check any that apply and give dates. Use remarks field if necessary.
Ear Infections  Date(s):
Rheumatic Fever  Date(s):
Seizures  Date(s):
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Chicken Pox  Date(s):
Epilepsy  Date(s):
Diabetes  Date(s):

Please list other medical history, such as operations, serious illnesses, chronic or recurring illnesses, allergies not listed above, or any other conditions we should be aware of:

Please list any restrictions for any activities:

Please list any medication if your child will be on while at camp or will need to take at camp (please include inhaler or epipen here) :

If you listed any medications above, please note all details of medication, including its name, condition it treats, dosage administration schedule, etc. IF CHILD IS USING INHALER OR EPIPEN, PLEASE NOTE IF CHILD HAS PERMISSION TO KEEP ON SELF OR IF YOU PREFER STAFF HOLD:



1. Permission to Provide Necessary Treatment: “I hereby give permission to the camp to secure proper medical treatment and/or injections, anesthesia, x-rays, routine tests, release any medical records necessary, and to provide or arrange necessary related transportation for camper named above. I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the camp to secure and administer treatment, including hospitalization for the camper above.”
Parent’s Name:  Date:

2. �I give permission for All Mass Camps staff to help my child put sunblock on in order to keep him or her safe during outdoor play.  I give permission for AMC staff to help my child put bug spray on in order to keep him or her safe during outdoor play.�
Parent’s Name:  Date:

3. �I will ensure that AMC has my child's current physical and immunization records, as well as any medication and Medication administration forms signed by the doctor for medication needed before camp starts and updated while my child is at camp.  This includes an Epipen and/or Inhaler on site at the camp/onself.�
Parent’s Name:  Date:
Camp Sessions (Please select at least one camp or clinic, or you cannot register)
2019 Sports Clinics $125 per session,
except Golf & Hockey $150.
All Sports Clinics at MC (unless noted below), run 8am-12pm,     Golf (runs 12-4pm), with two locations (Cedar Glen and Mt. Hood)and Hockey (runs for 1.5 hours per day/5 hours for the week).
Add 1/2 day Day Camp, add'l $45 tuition.
  • 15-19 Jul 2019: COED Tennis: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 22-26 Jul 2019: BOYS Baseball: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 5-9 Aug 2019: BOYS Basketball: 8am-12pm @MC ($125)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: BOYS Ice Hockey Bantams & Midgets: 8:00-9:30am - non-MC Head Coach ($150)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: COED Ice Hockey Squirts & Peewees: 9:30-11:00am - non-MC Head Coach ($150)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Golf @ CEDAR GLEN (ages 8-13): 12pm-4pm - WAITLIST ONLY ($150)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Golf @ MT HOOD (ages 12 & up): 12pm-4pm ($150)
2019 Day Camp $145 per session
If interested in combining Sports Camp with 1/2 day of Day Camp, total is $170.
Day Camp runs 8am-4pm.
1/2 day options available for $75.


  • 5-9 Aug 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145)
  • 5-9 Aug 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($145)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Half Day Camp: 8am-12pm ($75)

Is there additional information that would be helpful for All Mass Camps to have to ensure your child’s safety, enjoyment, and learning at camp? NO  YES
If yes, please call me or here is additional information:

Parent/Guardian Agreement
  • I have enclosed the minimum $50 deposit per session. I understand that if my child does not attend, I will not receive a refund of the deposit unless I notify camp of non-attendance by April 1st.
  • I agree to pay the tuition in full at least 2 weeks before start of the sessions my child is attending. I understand that I will not receive a tuition refund unless I cancel at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the sessions that my child is attending, less the deposit.
  • I will allow my child to participate in all activities, including trips pre-arranged by camp.
  • I will provide a current physical (within last 12 months) and up to date immunizations, as well as a doctor's approval of my child's participation in all activities at least 2 weeks prior to session start.
  • I will notify the camp of any changes from this application, such as contact numbers, emergency contacts, health issues, etc.
  • I agree that if I cannot be reached in an emergency, I give permission to the Doctor selected by the Camp Director to administer treatment for my child.
  • I agree that if my child needs to go home for any reason, it is my responsibility to provide transportation as soon as it is needed. I understand that All Mass Camps reserves the right to dismiss camper when Camp Director considers it appropriate, if camper's behavior is interfering with program or other campers' experience, if child has special needs not fully brought to camp's attention in application process, or if child needs support outside of the scope of camp programs.
  • I authorize social service agencies, schools, clinics, doctors, etc. to release information which is necessary to best plan for my child.
  • I give permission for All Mass Camps to have and use photographs, slides, videotapes of child as needed for records or public relations.
  • I hereby release and hold harmless All Mass Camps and its representatives from any claims, causes of action, demands, judgments, or costs of any nature whatsoever arising out of attendance at camp.
Parent’s Name:  Date:
Camp Info
Sport Clinics at Malden Catholic High School

In collaboration with Malden Catholic High School, each session is led by MC’s Head Coach of that sport. Many of the sports clinics take place on MC property.  Boys & Girls, ages 8-15, can practice your skills, learn strategies, and improve your overall performance. Our clinics balance teamwork with individual improvement, with the goal of developing the child’s skills and knowledge of the specific sport. We expect our coaches to be teachers of life's lessons and role models ready to demonstrate how to win with grace and to accept defeat with class. This non-denominational clinic strives to offer athletes the chance to learn new skills or master established ones in a different sport each week, including baseball, lacrosse, soccer, golf, tennis, ice hockey, and basketball.
Day Camp at DCR's Camp Nihan, in Saugus, MA

In collaboration with Mass. Dept of Conservation & Recreation, held at Camp Nihan on Walnut Street, right off of Rte 1 in Saugus. Campground includes hiking trails, fields, pond, and many other outdoor facilities.

Our day camps offer a variety of activities including swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing, nature walks, sports, and arts & crafts. This program runs Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:0pm for Boys & Girls, ages 8-13. Half day is available 8am-12pm.  One can also register for Sports Clinics in the morning and Day Camp in the afternoon.  Our team of staff, including certified lifeguards, offer campers an enriching summer full of new friendships and new adventures.
This camp complies with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is licensed by the local Board of Health. (105 CMR 430.190(C))