2019 Sports Clinics in collaboration with Malden Catholic

$125 per session, except Golf & Hockey $150 Ages 8-15 (or entering Jr. year) unless noted below


Malden Catholic Head Coaches run clinics, with additional MC Coaches & Varsity Players.  Once MC coaches confirm dates, parents will be notified and full refunds available until April 1, 2019.

  • 8-12 Jul 2019: BOYS Lacrosse w/Afternoon Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($170)
  • 8-12 Jul 2019: BOYS Lacrosse: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 8-12 Jul 2019: GIRLS Basketball: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 8-12 Jul 2019: GIRLS Basketball: 8am-12pm w/Afternoon Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($170)
  • 15-19 Jul 2019: COED Tennis w/Afternoon Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($170)
  • 15-19 Jul 2019: COED Tennis: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 15-19 Jul 2019: GIRLS Softball: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 15-19 Jul 2019: GIRLS Softball: 8am-12pm w/Afternoon Day Camp : 8:00am-4pm ($170)
  • 22-26 Jul 2019: BOYS Baseball w/Afternoon Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($170)
  • 22-26 Jul 2019: BOYS Baseball: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 22-26 Jul 2019: GIRLS Lacrosse: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 22-26 Jul 2019: GIRLS Lacrosse: 8am-12pm w/Afternoon Day Camp : 8:00am-4pm ($170)
  • 29 Jul-2 Aug 2019: BOYS Soccer w/Afternoon Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($170)
  • 29 Jul-2 Aug 2019: BOYS Soccer: 8am-12pm ($125)
  • 5-9 Aug 2019: BOYS Basketball w/Afternoon Day Camp: 8am-4pm @ MC ($170)
  • 5-9 Aug 2019: BOYS Basketball: 8am-12pm @MC ($125)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: BOYS Ice Hockey Bantams & Midgets w/Afternoon Day Camp: 8:00am-4:00pm ($195)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: BOYS Ice Hockey Bantams & Midgets: 8:00-9:30am ($150)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: COED Ice Hockey Squirts & Peewees w/Afternoon Day Camp: 9:30-4:00pm ($195)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: COED Ice Hockey Squirts & Peewees: 9:30-11:00am ($150)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Golf @ CEDAR GLEN (ages 8-13) w/Morning Day Camp: 8am-4pm ($195)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Golf @ CEDAR GLEN (ages 8-13): 12pm-4pm ($150)
  • 12-16 Aug 2019: Golf @ MT HOOD (ages 12 & up): 12pm-4pm ($150)

*Cedar Glen golf run by past MC Coach

***Hockey Note:  Girls, all age levels, can attend 9:30am session only


Clinics run 8am-12pm unless noted. 

Full day program for ages 8-13 is available, if interested in attending Day Camp at DCR Camp Nihan in Saugus. All Mass Camps provides transportation and supervision at Camp Nihan (swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, crafts, games, etc.).  ***We can no longer provide transportation back to MC at 4PM;  all pickups must take place directly at Camp Nihan.

Add 1/2 day Day Camp, add'l $45 tuition, for a total of $170 for many camps ($195 for golf or hockey).


For information on Sports Clinics at other sites, such as Street Hockey in Fitchburg or Ice Hockey in Salem, NH, scroll to bottom of page.


Sportsmanship, responsibility, accountability, and leadership: These values are as important as the skills training, sports drills, and scrimmages that we practice every day at our Sports Clinics. Athletes, ages 8-15, can practice skills, learn strategies, and improve overall performance. Our clinics balance teamwork with individual improvement, with the goal of developing the athlete�s skills and knowledge of the specific sport. With Malden Catholic leading the way, we expect our coaches to be teachers of life's lessons and role models, ready to demonstrate how to win with grace and to accept defeat with class. This non-denominational program strives to offer athletes the chance to learn new skills or master established ones in a different sport each week, including baseball, lacrosse, soccer, golf, tennis, ice hockey, and basketball.

Sports clinics take place at a number of different venues:  Malden Catholic has a beautiful campus, which hosts a number of sports, including football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball.  Their facility includes new turf fields, grass fields, indoor court, and indoor space in case of inclement weather.  NEW TENNIS COURTS ON SITE AS WELL.  Other sites for sports camps include golf courses (Mt. Hood and Cedar Glen), rinks (Valley Forum II and ICEnter in Salem, NH), and field locations in Pepperell, Fitchburg, and more. 
Click here to see locations and addresses of all program sites.  Immediately below are sections that have more info on Pick-up and Drop-off procedures, Packing Lists, Medication Policies, sample of a Daily Schedule.



Morning Drop Off Times for Lacrosse, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball   8:00-8:15am Daily.  Athletes can be dropped off by parents at Malden Catholic.  On first day, Staff direct you to registration table for check in; for ages 8 & 9, please check in daily WITH PARENT.  For ages 10 & up, parent welcome to check in but not mandatory; child or teen can check in on own.  If you arrive after 8:15am, all ages (and with parent if age 8 or 9), please check in directly with Sports Coordinator.  If parent knows ahead of time that their child will be late (due to dr�s appt, summer school, etc.), please inform the Sports Coordinator asap.


Afternoon Pick Up Times for Lacrosse, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball  12:00pm Daily:  Athletes will be on Malden Catholic school property until the end of the session at 12:00pm, unless announcements made in advance to families.  Parents of 8 & 9 year olds have to sign up their child with Sports Coordinator or other staff.  Ages 10 & up are able to walk home but still need to check out with staff.  8 & 9 year old can be picked up by teen or other adult approved by the parent; parents are asked to put in writing any changes in pick up as well as approved adults/teens.  If child needs to leave earlier than 12:00pm, child must be signed out by Sports Coordinator.  If parents are late due to emergency, please contact Allan Gillis at 617-461-1063 to let our staff know of the situation.  Otherwise, late fees may apply if child is not picked up by 12:00pm.  If your child is attending the afternoon session of Day Camp, we will begin transport at this time. 


Times for FOOTBALL ONLY:  Football is for Boys Only, entering 7th-9th grades.  The program times are 9am-11am.  We do not have a day camp option for this program.  Athletes must check in and out with Coach or Sports Coordinator.


Times for HOCKEY ONLY:  There are two sessions for Hockey.  For Bantams & Midgets, session runs 8am-9:30am.  The rink is open by 7:30am, and players must check in with Sports Coordinator each morning upon arrival.  This age group does not need to check out, unless parents request.  For Squirts & Peewees, session runs 9:30am-11am.  Locker room is open for players to get ready to be on ice as soon as Zamboni is off.  Players or parent check in upon arrival.  We also ask that players and parents check out before departure for this age group.  We are using the MC Varsity Locker Room, which is locked, so players WHO ARE STAYING FOR GOLF CLINIC can leave their gear for the week, but All Mass Camps, MC, and the rink are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  PICK UP IS AT RINK, OR if you are attending Golf Clinics or Day Camp, PICK UP IS AT THE SITE OF YOUR AFTERNOON PROGRAM.  WE DO NOT TRANSPORT TO MC OR ANY OTHER LOCATION FOR HOCKEY OR GOLF WEEKS. 


For Hockey Players participating in full day program of DAY CAMP or GOLF CLINIC: 

  • 8am session: You will have time to shower at rink (if you choose), change, and eat lunch at rink before heading to Mt. Hood.  You will arrive at Mt. Hood between 11:30am-12pm, so you may have a little time to eat at the course, but we recommend that you are ready to play golf (see below for appropriate dress) as soon as you arrive.  MC Golf Coach will also be at Mt. Hood at 11:30am.  If you are heading to Day Camp or Cedar Glen, you will transported to Camp Nihan (for both programs) as soon as you are ready.  Golfers will walk from Camp Nihan drop off to Cedar Glen.  AMC vehicles shuttle to Camp Nihan all morning long.  PLEASE NOTE:  4pm pick up is at the site of your afternoon program (Mt. Hood, Cedar Glen, or Camp Nihan).  WE DO NOT TRANSPORT TO MC OR ANY OTHER LOCATION FOR HOCKEY OR GOLF WEEKS.

  • 9:30am session:  As soon as you are ready to leave, AMC staff will transport you to Camp Nihan or Cedar Glen.  PLEASE NOTE:  4pm pick up is at the site of your afternoon program (Cedar Glen or Camp Nihan).  WE DO NOT TRANSPORT TO MC OR ANY OTHER LOCATION FOR HOCKEY OR GOLF WEEK

Times for GOLF ONLY:  There are two sessions for Golf.  For ages 12 & up, the Head MC Golf Coach will run a clinic at Mt. Hood.  For ages 8-13, past Head MC Coach will run a clinic at Cedar Glen; ages 12 & 13 have a choice of either course.  Cedar Glen is designed to help all abilities, especially beginners; Mt. Hood is designed for more advanced golfers.  Check in time for bother sites is by 12:0pm; pick up time at both sites is 4:00pm.


Sports Clinics: PACKING LISTS

  See below for general packing list; first, here are notes on specific gear for specific sports:

  • Lacrosse- Players should bring full gear, which includes helmet, stick, gloves, shoulder pads,chest protector, etc.   Sneakers or soft lax cleats (turf field) are required.  Contact us if this equipment is not available to you; we will have limited equipment on hand if you give us at least two weeks notice.

  • Football- Sneakers or soft fball cleats (turf field) are required.  This is no contact football session, so you do not need other fball gear.

  • Tennis- Bring your own racquet if you have one that you are comfortable with.  Please wear hat and sneakers.  We will have limited racquets available, so please let us know with two weeks notice if you need to use one so we can ensure enough equipment.

  • Baseball- Sneakers or baseball cleats are required.  Bring your baseball glove and baseball hat.  You can bring your own bat, but we recommend that a) you put your name on it and b) ensure you are responsible for it at all times. 

  • Soccer- Sneakers or soft soccer cleats (turf field) are required.  You can bring your own ball but be sure put your name on it.

  • Basketball- Sneakers are required; it is played indoors at MC gym.  You can bring your own ball but be sure put your name on it.

  •  Ice Hockey- Players should wear full hockey gear, including helmet, and bring 1-2 sticks.  This is a no check session, but full gear is needed.  Players also participating in the Golf Clinic may leave their gear in the MC Varsity Locker Room,  but AMC, MC, and rink are not responsible.

  • Golf- Players should wear appropriate golf wear: collared shirt, "dress" or khaki shorts with belt; no cut-off shorts or jeans.  Sneakers or soft spike golf shoes are required.  Metal spikes are not allowed.  Golf, baseball, or other appropriate hat is required.  Bring golf clubs if you have a set available for use: This is not a requirement, but please contact us with at least four weeks notice if you do not have clubs so that we will ensure we have enough equipment for all.  

GENERAL PACKING LIST:  For both Day Camp and Sports Clinics, participants should wear appropriate sports/play clothes.  Sneakers are required for all; other appropriate footwear may be noted for specific sports. Other packing items recommended and/or required

         A water bottle with the athlete�s name on it is required.  There will be water available on the fields, at camp at all times. 

         All participants of DAY CAMP AND SPORTS CAMPS should bring the following:

                   _____ Backpack to carry belongings

                   _____ Sunblock (SPF 30 or higher)

                   _____ Hat for sun protection

                  _____ Change of clothes if appropriate  

                  _____ Healthy snack


Please leave valuables, electronic devices (cell phones, videogames, Ipods, etc.) and other unnecessary or inappropriate items at home.  AMC is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.


Full Day program at Camp Nihan in Saugus:  If your child will be attending full day program (FULL DAY AT DAY CAMP OR half day sports camp, half day recreational and outdoor day camp), we recommend these items are also packed for the day:

                   _____ LUNCH, snacks- ALL CAMPERS BRING THEIR OWN LUNCH

                   _____ Bathing suit and towel

                   _____  Dress according to the weather:  we will still play outdoors even in the rain!

NOTE:  Sandals and flipflops are not allowed for ANY of our sports programs, as our campers are active throughout the day.  They are allowed on the beach at Day Camp only but NOT in other camp activities, such as hiking, outdoor games, sports. Sneakers are the best way to prevent foot and toe injuries.



Your child will enjoy the activities most when he or she is taking care of his or her health, which includes drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting a good night�s rest.  A current physical and a copy of up to date immunizations are needed to ensure that the child�s physician has approved participation.  Be sure to highlight any FOOD ALLERGIES or other potential health problems at camp.  If you have any concerns about your child�s health prior to or during camp, please contact the Camp Director.  Our staff will always contact a parent about any health situations; if a parent is unavailable, then we will contact the adults listed as emergency contacts on the child�s application.  Please keep those contacts current and be sure that you and/or those emergency contacts are available during your child�s stay. 

For inhalers and epipens:  These items must have your child�s name and instructions.  Athletes must be able to self-administer.   No Medication will be distributed during camp hours by Camp Staff.  Please speak to the Camp Director prior to camp start or on the first morning to discuss any medication concerns during camp hours. 

 Sports Clinics: DAILY SCHEDULE

Below is a typical schedule of the sports programs.  ALL PROGRAMS ARE HALF DAY UNLESS NOTED BELOW.  Most run 8am-12pm, with the exception of football, and golf and hockey.  There is an option for a full day program, with All Mass Camps providing transportation and staff supervision to our Day Camp program at the DCR camp called Camp Nihan in Saugus.  Campers who participate in this program can be picked up directly at Camp Nihan in Saugus or if you prefer to be transported back to Malden Catholic by 4:00pm for parent pick up, please register by April 1st.  After this date, we cannot provide transportation unless there is still room in the van.  See exceptions noted in Pick Up/Drop Off procedures.  CAMPERS NEED TO BRING THEIR OWN LUNCH IF PARTICIPATING IN FULL DAY PROGRAM.


Sports Clinics at Malden Catholic HS Schedule*

8:00-8:15 am           Check in

8:15-10:00am           Warm-up sport activities, games, drills led by MC Coaches

10:00-10:15am         Break for water, snack (Water available all day; be sure to pack water bottle for refill with name on it.)

10:15am-12:00pm     Continue games, drills, strategy sessions led by MC Coaches    

12:00pm                   Campers are picked up by parents (ages 8 & 9) or are cleared by parents to walk home (ages 10 & up)


*Football Clinic runs 9am-11am only.  It is for boys entering 7th-9th grade this fall.

*Golf Camp runs 12:00-4:00pm, due to golf course availability.   

*Hockey Camp runs 8am-9:30am for Bantams, Midgets; 9:30-11am for Squirts & Peewees. 


For those choosing the Full Day program:

12:00pm                 Transportation with AMC Staff to Camp Nihan

12:00pm                 Bring your own Lunch

12:30-3:00pm         Afternoon outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, sports, recreational games, craft, kayaking, fishing, and more

4:00pm                   Campers are picked up by parents at Malden Catholic HS or Camp Nihan


There are two MC Sports Clinics that are held offsite: 

         Golf camp takes full advantage of several sites in the area to best practice this sport.   This camp meets at 12:00noon; parents drop off directly at site they register for (Mt. Hood or Cedar Glen).  For those also doing Day Camp in the morning at Camp Nihan, AMC will walk campers to Cedar Glen (7 minute walk). 

         Ice Hockey is held at Valley Forum in Malden.  Parents will need to drop-off and pick-up children directly at this site, at the appropriate time for your program. Ages 8-11 runs from 9:30am-11am; ages 11 & up runs from 8am-9:30am.


Refund Policy:  Full refunds are available through May 1st; refunds, less the $50 deposit, are returned if cancelled two weeks prior to start date of session. Due to the fact that we had a number of campers this past year cancel last minute, making it too late to add those on the waiting list, we ask that you please keep these important dates in mind.

Information on Sports Clinics at other sites, such as Street Hockey in Fitchburg or Ice Hockey in Salem, NH, scroll to bottom of page.  At this time, we do not have any available dates or programs.  To be added to email list for news on other sites, click here.

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